Colloidal Silver made my dog turn BLUE!

BLUE PATRICKMy dog Patrick, is a 6 year old yellow lab.  He’s had problems with his hips ever since he was a pup and now has arthritis.  He has fatty tumors on his elbows, a grape size lump under his tongue and he stinks all the time.  It doesn’t matter if I give him a bath or not, he just stinks!

This downward spiral of health got me hopping to find a cure.  My family thinks I’m a witch doctor so I figured I would earn my title.

Have you ever heard about colloidal silver?  Colloidal silver is a suspension of silver atoms in distilled water.  The particles of silver are smaller than a virus.  When you ingest colloidal silver these small silver particles travel through the body and destroy bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses.   It also promotes rapid healing of dead tissue.

Colloidal silver can be used for so many things!  It eliminates the flu and the common cold, it boosts immunity, it prevents infection to name a few.  It has been recognized as a powerful natural infection-fighting agent for thousands of years.

This stuff is a hidden miracle! 

All this research got me thinking.  I really think colloidal silver can cure my dog!  It can get rid of his lumps and fatty tumors on his elbows, it can give him relief with his arthritis and it can get rid of his stink!

A few days ago his regimen began.  I put 1 tablespoon in his water bowl each day.  He loves the stuff!  I’ve never seen him drink so much water!  I also give him 1/2 teaspoon 3 times a day.

From my research, I discovered that a permanent stink is a sign of yeast.  Yeast not only smells but it’s very itchy.  This would explain why Patrick bites his paws all the time.  I also wondered why my other lab would obsessively lick Patrick’s ears.  Again, it’s the yeast.

I also added ear cleaning and foot cleaning to the regimen.  I clean his ears out daily with a cotton ball soaked in colloidal silver.  I dip each foot in colloidal silver to eliminate the itchiness and I spray it on the fatty tumors on his elbows.

Colloidal silver has a bad wrap because of a symptom called Argyria.  Argyria is where the skin turns a blue-gray color permanently.  It’s caused by ingesting too much colloidal silver for a long period of time.  Another cause is that the silver ions are too large to be eliminated properly and results in a build up of silver.  Silver deposits in the body react with the sun and argyria sets in.

PAUL KARASONThere was a man named Paul Karason that developed argyria after taking colloidal silver.  He drank 10-20 ounces of colloidal silver each day for 10 years!  His nickname was Papa Smurf.  Paul died a few years ago at the age of 62.  He did not die of the argyria.  Argyria is not deadly.  The blue colored skin is the only symptom.  Paul died of problems with his heart because he was a chronic smoker.

My daughter and I were joking about creating a line of blue dogs.  I have no intention to turn my dog blue.  I just want to make him better so he can enjoy the life he was given.   He’s only been taking it for a few days now and it happened.  He’s blue!

Not argyria blue, but blue because he’s down in the dumps.  Because of the rapid detoxification it makes him groggy, tired and blue.  He will get over it and hopefully you will get over being upset because my dog really didn’t turn blue.

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To Your Health

Crap Kills

How to SAVE over $2000 per year with these 2 simple steps!

save money

I recently quit my full time job.  Mind you, I loved my job.  It was the best job I have ever had and provided very good income but I have morals.  Things were happening beyond my control which were not only illegal but unethical.  So I quit.

This may be scary for some and it was for me at first too.  I thought “what am I going to do now”.  There are tons of jobs out there but I didn’t want to get wrapped up into that lifestyle again.  I started thinking….A LOT!

Why do people work their life away?  Why do people do things they don’t enjoy to make money to pay for things they can’t enjoy because they are working all the time?  It doesn’t make sense!

There are people out there who are working a job they enjoy.  They have developed a career in a field they were passionate about.  They work for themselves and make their own hours.  They have time with their families and time to enjoy life.  My mindset is……THEY DID IT….SO CAN I.

So thus my journey began.  Instead of making more money I’ve decided to eliminate the unnecessary bills.  Quitting my job alone has saved me $200 per month in gas plus the wear and tear on my vehicle.

I started to evaluate our budget.  My household was paying over $2000 in bills per month!  That’s when I decided to get rid of the senseless stuff!

First off, between my fiance and I our cellphone bill is $180 per month.  I love my Iphone but since I was home now I really have no need for all the functions.  The only thing I really used it for outside of the home was the GPS.  If I really needed directions I can print them from mapquest or use our GPS system.   My fiance hardly used his phone at all.  I found a company which used the same towers as our current company.  They provided the same exact service for $50 per month!  How is this possible?  Plus we could use our current cell phones and keep our current numbers!

This one change saved us $80 per month!

Next was the cable bill.  We had the HD extended cable package with internet on 5 tvs which cost $160 per month!  I don’t watch much TV.   It seems all my family would do was flip through the channels and never find anything to watch.  Plus you have hours of commercials to deal with!

rokuI discovered a device called a Roku.  You hook this up to your TV and it streams internet television.  It offers 1000’s of channels with some being free and some being a small monthly fee.  The Roku itself is a one time only fee.  I bought the Roku 3 which is the highest model available.  It was on sale for $90 down from $100.

I then purchased a subscription to Netflix for $7.99 per month.


The Roku channels are only available on the tv it is hooked up to but it can be easily unplugged and moved from TV to TV.

chromecastSince we have 5 TV’s we had to figure something out for the kids.  Chromecast to the rescue.  Since both my kids have smartphones (on their Dad’s plan)  this item worked great!  Chromecast is plugged into the side of the TV and acts as a wireless router for my kid’s smartphones.  It will project whatever is on their phone to the television screen.  There are some limitations but it works well for Netflix which is what we watch primarily.

This change saved us $112 per month.  I didn’t incorporate the initial costs of the chromecasts and the roku.  The chromecasts were $35 each and the roku was $90.

So my total monthly savings comes out to $192 per month

making a yearly savings of $2304!!!!

I still have a phone and I can still watch TV!  What else can you ask for!

This is just the tip of the iceberg for me.  I am not an affiliate for any of these products.  I just want to pass along the savings 🙂

Stay tuned for more money saving ideas

and ways to create a life you can enjoy! 

Here’s to your health!

Old MacDonald’s “Vegetarian Fed” Egg Farm

Crap Kills ……the misleading truth about egg labels.

Simple things like shopping are becoming so complex.  Labels like “fat free” can make you think you’re making a healthy decision but a little more research and you will discover the product is laden with sugar which in turn converts to fat in the body.  This is one of many sales tactics which is legal in our world today.

These same gimmicks apply to eggs.  Free range, organic, vegetarian fed…..what’s the difference?  Let me enlighten you.

Free Range- This means nothing more than the chicken has access to the outdoors.  The access door to the outside must allow room for more than 1 chicken to exit at a time.  Most chickens remain to the confines of the barn since they are only offered this outdoor advantage at an older age and are use to being inside.


Cage Free- Instead of being housed in an individual cage these chickens are all confined in one large overcrowded barn.  These barns contain flocks of 20,000 chickens which never see the outdoors.

Vegetarian Fed- This one gets me.  Chickens are not vegetarians they are omnivores.  Their natural diet consists of seeds, grass, fruit, bugs, worms, spiders, lizards, snakes and mice.  This label came about because of a concern for chickens being fed animal by-products, namely other dead chickens.  Sadly, feeding a chicken another dead chicken is legal.  “Vegetarian Fed” chickens are fed only a vegetarian diet and the eggs are void of many nutrients produced by the proteins the chickens are suppose to be consuming as well.

Organic- Chickens must be fed organic feed which is fertilizer, GMO & pesticide free.   Also, the chicken can not be given antibiotics or hormones.  These chickens can be housed in any living condition and do not have to have access to the outdoors.  As with “vegetarian fed” these chickens are void of many nutrients as well.


Pasture Raised- Chickens are raised in moveable outdoor enclosures located on grass.  They are fed an organic diet and raised without antibiotics.  These eggs are by far the most nutritious of all.  The chickens are able to get the protein benefits needed by eating bugs and small reptiles.  If you compare this egg to on of the others listed above you will notice a darker yellow/orange yolk which is a sign of a higher quality egg.  They are also much tastier.

Omega 3- Eggs advertised as having added omega 3’s mean the chickens were fed flax seed.  This provided more omega 3 nutrition for you which is found in the yolk of the egg.

So there you go.  I hope this opened your eyes to the manipulating lies of the food industry.   My suggestion is to raise your own chickens.  Then you will know exactly what you are eating.

Follow the Sheeple

sheeple2Sheeple definition:  a comparison of people to sheep being foolishly led

Whether you like it or not, you are part sheeple.  From the time you are born you must follow rules regulated by our government.  Get these shots, drink this formula, go to this school.  You are led from one pasture to the next.  Most of these standard rules are not laws they are suggestions by our government.  Yet they’ve become so standard that everybody hops on the bandwagon.  These brain dead sheeple are led into a disastrous life.

A handful of sheeple start to question these standards.  They start to think for themselves and search for answers.  As the smoke pours from their ears they shed their wool and jump the fence into reality.  They discover the world is full of conspiracies, greed and lies.  Their new mission is to inform the rest of the flock about this big bad wolf.

What happens?  The flock looks around and doesn’t see a wolf so they continue to graze the pasture.

This happened to me.  I was one of those sheeple.  I fell into the standard American routine.  Eating the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.), getting immunizations, taking medication, dying my hair with chemicals, taking my fluoride.  This routine is still standard today for many sheeple but not for me.

It starts with education.  Something I grew sick of.  High school to me was 12 years of wasted time studying subjects I had no interest in.  Mind you I was on the high honor roll most of the time.  The only subject which I took any interest in was biology.  It intrigued me so much.  It was like an alien world.  Looking in the microscope and watching these living beings move made me wonder what else I had missed.

I planned to use my good grades and love of biology to become a marine biologist but my course changed direction.  To make a long story short, I ended up in a relationship with a psychopath that wasted 4 years of my life.  The only good thing I got out of it was my 2 beautiful, intelligent children.

Now at the age of 38 I sit and ponder what my life should have been.  Then I smack myself in the face and say “It still can be!”  No, I don’t want to be a marine biologist anymore.  My new mission is to help other sheeple break out of the pasture. Subscribe to my blog and stay tuned.

If you want out of the pasture now and can not wait for my future posts then I recommend watching this video from my favorite person in the world…..Tony Robbins.  He figured it out and so can you.

I’m a Drug Addict and I Bet You Are Too

skull cookie2Cows are suppose to eat grass yet most cows are now fed genetically modified corn.  Dogs are suppose to eat raw meat yet most are fed dry kibble with low amounts of protein and high amounts of grain.  Why is that?  It’s because it’s more convenient and costs less to feed these animals a low quality, processed food.

Humans are suppose to eat foods packed with nutrients to maintain health yet today’s foods are nothing more than processed crap!  Foods today don’t only lack nutrients but they contain harmful chemicals that poison our bodies.  Here’s the worst part….it’s legal!  The sad and scary part is that most people don’t even know what’s in the food they eat.  It’s cheap and convenient and that’s all that matters.

Yes I know,  this crap food tastes so good.  There’s a reason for this.  Your taste buds do not know the taste of real food.  This food is laced with poisonous flavor enhancers to maximize the sensation in your mouth and to determine the most desirable taste.  To me, this promotes addiction.

For example, when sugar is ingested it creates a happy sense of euphoria.  The same feeling a drug addict gets when using.  I myself struggle with sugar addiction.  The smallest taste of it sends me into pig-out mode and leaves me wallowing in shame.  I have to treat this addiction just like an alcoholic in treatment.  No sugar at all!  Hey, I know it sounds harsh but you don’t offer an alcoholic a small taste of alcohol on occasion.

Eliminating sugar from my diet was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  Almost everything in the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) has sugar in it.  Read the label.  Anything ending in “ose”  is probably a form of sugar.

Once I eliminated sugar funny things started to happen.  On day 3 I had a pounding headache that wouldn’t go away.  Here I was having withdrawals from sugar!  Yes, it is a drug!  When I would indulge in fruit it actually tasted sweeter to me.  Fruit of course has sugar but it’s not processed so I treat myself on occasion.    I also achieved a great amount of energy!  No more relying on sugar for that quick high sugar crash.  I was burning fat for energy!

Eliminating sugar from my diet was my first step towards a healthy lifestyle.  Can you make the same drastic change?   Your health depends on it.